First starting

let me introduce you guys about my beloved friends <3
then, the others will be the second or third and what ever.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Tod :(

Hi friends, today I want to share a story about a cat named Tod. This cat belongs to someone named hakimkumkam. This cat has been found and arrested seeks to be defended and preserved. Tod initially looked very happy and very good appetite. then brought to the hospital, aims to take injections for health. Since then, Tod had bad digestion. Doctors said one of the recovery system for a cat. day by day, the situation is getting worse, not wanting to eat, hard to move. All family members hoped Tod cured properly. for me, pray that Tod healthy and living a better life, fast-growing and fat so cute always (


 Happy like this

 Grow like this

and.. have a geng :D

Saturday, 10 September 2011


I got your back you got mine, I'll help you out anytime. To see you hurt to see you cry, makes me weep and wanna die. and if you agree to never fight, it wouldn't matter who's wrong or right. if a broken heart needs a mend, I'll be there, right to the end. if your cheeks are wet from drops of tears, don't worry, let go of your fears. Hand in hand love is sent, We'll be friends TILL THE END !

mom's advice

 my mom said that i cant fall in love because it will harm me. but to me, it is not, actually it is an experience :D